Your Personal Colour Energy Signature, Digital Art, high res. jpg 

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Your name & specifics of your birthdate are not just random symbols, they hold lots of information about you:

  1. Your Cosmic Colours are derived from your astrological chart. They help restoring your basic energy patterns for better health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual..
  2. The letters of your name also carry energies that can speak a lot abot you.

I translate this information into colours & put them into one of 3 designs, which you can choose from:squares

  1. squares
  2. triangles
  3. circles



The artwork is not only pleasing to the eye, but by looking at it, you charge up & balance your energies.

  • The shapes are representing the colour of the letters of your name.
  • And the zig-zag line consists of 4 colours:
  1. Your key colour (1):
  2. It is the frequency you emanate, participating in the symphony of the spheres. It shows your talents and can highlight areas you need to work on.
  3. Your Cosmic colours (3)
  • the colour related to what you openly show of who you are,
  • the colour corresponds with what you exhibit, when you are on your own or with people you trust,
  • the colour carrying information about your purpose in life.

“Although I say it myself, this artwork is amazing. I love the energy radiating off my own colour energy signature. I have chosen the circles out of the 3 designs I offer, as I love flowing, curvy, smooth lines. Although initially I had a dilemma, because the squares are really grounding, give a very different experience. I printed it out on a Glossy photo paper, framed it and put it on my office wall to use it not only as an elegant artwork, but also as a source of positive energy and good vibes. It’s vibrant, yet soothing, strictly arranged, yet full of movement.” (Eva, the Artist)

Order Your Personal Colour Energy Signature, Digital Art, high res. jpg