The Light Within by Eva Maria Hunt

The Colour White

White is associated with light, purity, innocence, wholeness, completion, cleanliness, clarity and hope. A White flag is usually recognised as a symbol of truce. The negative associations with White are emptiness, indecision, coldness, perfectionism…

What is White? What does it mean to you? What is your vision of White? These were the questions asked, when I was answering an artist call.

To me White is light, the source of everything, White represents the Divine, it symbolises our soul light. Hence the title of my painting, The Light Within.

The light is pouring down from above and is encompassed by our body. The light shines through our eyes, the windows of the soul and we all can sense each others’ energy, emotions, even though this light might not be visible to our physical eyes, only to our minds’ eye.

With love



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Energy Therapist, Artist

Eva is an Energy Therapist, Artist, a multi-passionate creative. Through her healing modules and coaching/mentoring, she helps men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough. She also introduces spiritual concepts and global issues in a visual, more approachable way through expressive, spiritual and figurative art to create a more loving world.

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