The 7 Veils of Illusion by Eva Maria Hunt

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As a soul you started off in Oneness in Source. You have decided to incarnate on Earth, and you have suddenly found yourself in duality. There is a team of helpers assigned to you: angels, spirit guides to watch over you, as you are arriving in your energy bubble with layers of different frequencies surrounding you, as you lower your vibrations to be able to exist on Earth. And then your earthly journey has started.

The 7 Veils of Illusion, Detail – Acrylic on canvas by Eva Maria Hunt


The first veil falls when you realise you are not a Victim of your circumstances, you can take responsibility for your life. The second veil disappears with the light bulb moment of there is more to the world then physical reality. Then you learn to open your heart and experience unconditional love, so the third, Pink veil is gone… There is a little baby in the large bubble, starting her earthly life. The Red woman is the VICTIM, the Yellow one represents the EGO and the Pink one is the HIGHER SELF…

The 7 Veils of Illusion part 2 by Eva Maria Hunt

The 4th veil is falling away, when you connect with animals and nature in a way you are able to sense, feel their energies. The 5th one disappears, when you work with the Angelic Realm and beings from other dimensions. The 6th veil dissolves when you accept that everything is connected, so you reach Universal consciousness. The 7th veil is only cleared after death, when you pass over and  to the 7th dimension. (The 7 Veils by Diana Cooper)

So my painting shows both your arrival on Earth, which is a fast downward movement and the journey you take to climb your mountain of self- and spiritual development to break through your own limitations, to work through your very own challenges, changing your perceptions of the world and learning about your own energy setup, I. E. who you are, why you came here, and using your skills to fulfil your purpose. Finally shifting back from duality (Yin and Yang) to oneness by climbing the Stairway to Heaven. Which I’ve incorporated, as the headpiece of Buddha, who I used as a representation of all is connected.

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Eva is an Energy Therapist, Artist, a multi-passionate creative. Through her healing modules and coaching/mentoring, she helps men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough. She also introduces spiritual concepts and global issues in a visual, more approachable way through expressive, spiritual and figurative art to create a more loving world.

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