Refugees in The Quantum Game by Eva Maria Hunt

As an energy therapist I am aware of many burning issues in the world that affects our personal lives and health on the energy and soul level. I would love to move people emotionally with my artworks that reach beyond the physical.

The Refugees in The Quantum Game is a very deep subject. It is about the battle between the Light & Shadow energies working behind the scenes. People with an open heart are open to positive changes, and high frequency emotions, such as love, compassion, gratitude, etc. They get empowered, because the light is streaming through them, therefore are able to make choices from their heart regarding both personal and global issues.

However those, who are trapped in the physical world, feeling like victims, switch off from this powerful energy stream, their heart is closed off and only feel their own emotions, no one else’s around them. Therefore they make selfish choices, not considering anything outside of their own interest. And of course it has an impact on climate change, the fate of refugees and on the perception of our own identity.

Refugees in The Quantum Game by Eva Maria Hunt

This painting is a nudge, a reminder to the soul of the viewer to awaken to their responsibility and become aware of their own power in global matters for their own and humanity’s sake and for saving our home, Mother Earth.

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Energy Therapist, Artist

Eva is an Energy Therapist, Artist, a multi-passionate creative. Through her healing modules and coaching/mentoring, she helps men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough. She also introduces spiritual concepts and global issues in a visual, more approachable way through expressive, spiritual and figurative art to create a more loving world.

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