I create two types of Bespoke Art

  1. Bespoke art based on your personal colours (translated with the help of numerology and astrology)

As an energy therapist and artist I offer you a customised experience. So when I work with you, during a colour reading session, which can be carried out in person or via the internet, I find out about your relationship with colours. They say a lot about your energy system. Based on my findings, I create an artwork for you, incorporating colours that are customised to your unique energy set up, therefore act as an “energy capsule” to shift your energies for the better.


“When I looked at my Personal Art my first thought was “It’s me!”. And of course this was the aim. It still surprised me how well it works. My picture is constantly changing, it makes me relaxed and energised at the same time. Every time I look at it I discover something new in it.“ Gyorgy Hargitay

“Eva is very kind and understanding. She answered all of my questions straight away during the process. I especially liked the fact I could open up with her instinctively, and I felt I can be really honest with her.  I fully trusted her from the very beginning, which I have found strange, as we have never met or talked before. With her unbelievably strong empathy she could tune into my energy straight away and the result is this beautiful painting. I love the many vibrant colours she incorporated. I am so honoured I could have my bespoke painting done. I have already noticed some changes inside of me since I received it and I feel I have embarked on a path, which leads me not only to get to know myself better, but also it helps me to accept myself more. Thank you,” Eva! Kati Agost

2. Bespoke art that heals and inspires, based on your photo

I create bespoke art to celebrate, inspire and support women energetically by making their healing path visual. Here is my gorgeous friend with the piece I created for her, who has inspired this whole project. I am very grateful.