My Crystal tree series are made with incorporating natural gemstones pieces. I use special effect paint to make all of my trees. They are created, so as the light falls differently on the picture during the day, and from the different angles you look at them, you always enjoy a different experience. It makes it really hard to show them on the screen in their full beauty though.

I fell in love with gemstones many years ago. I learnt about them and became a crystal healer to have my own experience with working with healing crystals. Then I started making them into fashion jewellery, (Shop: Etsy HealingGemsJewellery) so my clients could easily carry them around enjoying the crystals healing vibrations.

Now I use these powerful gemstones in my paintings. They all have a certain energy vibration, which combined with the colour energies, really fortifies the positive vibes flooding off the painting, when you place it in your living space. To see the full painting, please click on the image.

I created a range of t-shirts with designs featuring my crystal trees. I call them Tree-Shirts. They are available to buy from my ETSY Shop.