Hummingbirds Represent Joy & Happiness. In Native American culture it’s believed that they bring Love, Healing & Good Luck…

My Hummingbird paintings celebrate the love between couples. I bring to life the energies of both of you by using astrology to uncover your 3 Cosmic Colours that comes from your Sun sign, Moon sign and Raising sign. These colours are holding energy patterns that can recharge you on your path.

I also use numerology to find out your Key colour, which is your soul song translated into colour, i.e. the main energy you vibrate on. We all project a colour and together it creates the Symphony of the Spheres.

Numerology also helps me to identify your energy signature, the colours representing the letters of your name.

Then I combine all these colours for both of you individually and then bring them together into a harmonious whole. The birds are made with gold leaf and the shape of the canvas varies. Can be small or medium sized rectangle, or a heart shape.

These paintings make an amazing love gift for weddings, wedding anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, etc.

Price: £120.00 including a colour reading and a personalised painting on approx. 30cm heart shaped or approx 30x40cm rectangular canvas.

Please get in touch if you wish to have yours done. Email: