Exploring Colours through Quotes from Famous Artists #1

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Colours are amazing energy vibes, which most people take for granted. They can change your mood, mindset and more… And obviously they are a way of expression in art.

I have been mesmerised by colours in my entire life. Now as a colour therapist and artist I have an even deeper relationship with them.

To share my passion about colours I am going to explore what famous artists had to say about them. Let’s start with this heartfelt one: “All colors are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.” Marc Chagall

I have never heard anyone talking about the colour wheel with so much passion and explaining the role of colours in it, so simply and accurately.

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Eva is an Energy Therapist and Artist. As a colour therapist she writes about colours and creates artworks that help you to apply them for their healing and psychological properties, so you can benefit from them holistically. Holistic Colour Art - Your Mood, Space & Mind - Set for Health, Joy and Success

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