Vibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art

Balance Your Chakras, Heal with Colours, The Law of Attraction & Your Intuition

Vibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art by Eva Maria Hunt

Vibrational healing expert and Artist, Eva Maria Hunt has created a fun and easy to use energy tool with her book: “Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art” focusing on helping you to connect with your soul, developing your intuition through the energy of colours and her channelled paintings, whilst feeding your logical mind too through simple explanations and some of the Law of Attraction’s proven recipes.

By using Eva’s book you will soak up amazing colour combinations directly talking to your soul through her paintings and you learn about the messages came through, when she channelled them that soothe your emotions, calm your mind and light up your path.

You will also find out about the different functions of your chakras and learn how to balance them, how to empower yourself with colour affirmations and raise your energy vibrations through positive affirmations.

You will also discover how to avoid common mistakes that others make:
• You can think about yourself holistically instead of only viewing yourself as a physical body.
• You can integrate the positive & colour affirmations in your day, so you can keep attracting things, events, people into your life “by design” rather than “by default”.
• You can develop your intuition, rather than simply relying on your logical mind or others’ advice to lead you to success.
• You will be able to recognise colours as a healing tool that are capable of changing your mood, energising or calming you, and help you emotionally and physically.

If you use the energy tools offered by this book you will be able to shift your mood, calm your mind and find inspiration. You can build self-trust, self-confidence, emotional balance and receive guidance from within and from above to lead a more rewarding and happier life for less than a price of an Energy Healing Session.

Become Empowered, Change How You Feel with Powerful Tools You can Implement Straight Away

1. Manage How You Feel with Easy to Use Energy Tools, – so you can be happy right now

Use Colours, the purest healing energy of the Universe through Colour Vibrations and  Colour Affirmations to shift your emotions.

2. Build Trust in Your Intuition / Your Inner Wisdom to find the way out of your problem

My powerful channelled paintings contain energies and messages from the angels to guide you on your path and help you find solutions to your problems through your intuition.

3. Program Your Powerful Mind for Success rather than Failure – by Looking after Your Thoughts

With the help of Positive Affirmations, you are learning the language of the Universe and how to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want in your life.

4. This book not only addresses your physical body, but it talks to all levels of Your Being: Mind, Body & Soul,  – so you get results quickly and easily, involving the invisible parts of your Energy System.

An entire chapter of the book is providing you with all the tools necessary to achieve this by working with your chakra / energy centres in different ways, on a deeper level.

5. Channelled Paintings with messages – Use them as Mini Oracle Cards to get daily guidance

The way I created the paintings you see in my book is most similar to psychic art. When I made them, I became a channel for Divine messages, which appeared partially on paper, partially I received them with words. Therefore most of my paintings I incorporated in the book come with detailed messages. You can use these paintings two different ways:
1. Ask a specific or a general question and open the book to find the answer for it.
2. At the end of the book there is a sheet with the miniature version of the paintings. You can print and cut them out to use them as a miniature oracle card deck to find answers and/or carry with you the energies of the paintings.

Manage Your Energies! Lift Your Mood! Receive Guidance! Start Today!

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