Colours to Aid Mental Health

In spite of the fact colours play an important role in marketing and creating brand identity in businesses, they are very much overlooked as tools that can be used to help employees at the workplace.

Colour psychology is used to influence consumers’ emotions and perceptions of goods and services to increase sales. It is based on the fact that colours influence our moods, behaviour and decision making process.

So why not create the right colour environment for the employees to become more motivated, creative and productive?

What is Mental Health?

Mental health is about your emotional, psychological, and social well-being. When you are at a good place from the mental health perspective:

  • you are able to deal with the negative impacts of STRESS quickly, easily and resourcefully
  • perform better: you are creative, productive and motivated
  • feel good about yourself & your life
  • maintain good relationships with co-workers and in your private life, etc.

Colours for Mental Health

Colour therapy has been around for thousands of years. It is part of vibrational medicine, similar to sound therapy, aroma therapy, acupressure, etc., which are targeting our different senses to correct imbalances in our mind, body and emotions.

Here are a few examples how colours affect us on different levels and how they correspond with the requirements of mental health.

Sky Blue

is a healing colour that most people react to in a positive way. It not only calms you down, but helps you to focus on the task at hand.

Violet and Indigo

are the colours of Divine Creativity. Indigo also helps releasing fear and opens your mind for new ideas.


is a cheerful energy. It has an impact on your mind. It stimulates you and helps to retain information.


has a warming energy. It works perfectly, when you feel down or depressed. It helps you to open up and socialise a little more.

How can you introduce these colours at the workplace or in your home?

You do not need to go into the trouble of having the walls repainted at your workplace. You can effectively introduce the healing power of colours in small colour blocks that catch your eyes often, during the day. It can be a colourful photo frame, candle, vase or other decorative object that you can place on your desk at work. Even a mug or a water bottle could bring calming or energising colours into your sight, so you can soak up its energies.

At home introducing colours creatively is pretty much unlimited. You can apply colours, as cushions, rugs, throws, lamp shades or choose some of my paintings to bring energy and inspiration to your living space. For inspiration have a look at my artworks in different settings.

Happy, Abstract by Eva Maria Hunt Energy Therapist & Artist,

Colour energy mainly works with your subconscious and a simple, easy and fun tool to use. What are you waiting for? Use your intuition, be creative, grab some colours to help your mind and emotions!

Have fun!


Eva Maria Hunt, Energy Therapist & Artist

Mood, Space & Mind – Set for Health, Joy & Success





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Eva is an Energy Therapist, Artist, a multi-passionate creative. Through her healing modules and coaching/mentoring, she helps men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough. She also introduces spiritual concepts and global issues in a visual, more approachable way through expressive, spiritual and figurative art to create a more loving world.

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