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I am an energy therapist, artist and as such, I am very conscious of my environment energetically. I have been practising Feng Shui for almost 20 years now and I create artworks to activate the energy in certain life areas of your home to bring you love, support, abundance…

All physical objects hold consciousness, therefore you need to be very careful what you display in your home and what objects you are holding onto. For example if it was a gift from someone, but you don’t really like how looking at the object makes you feel, there are definitely energies attached to it, which you best get rid of. You can smudge the item i.e. burn sacred herbs, such as White Sage, to neutralise the energies.

Another example is pictures, artworks on your wall. If you are single and wish to have a romantic connection, yet there are pics of single women all around you that will create challenges by interfering with your intentions. Obviously you can’t display the picture of the two of you, you might not even know who is your next love connection, however the key here is to display photos, artwork, silhouettes with two (in love). You can choose from my channelled paintings with high energy frequency and radiant colours. Or place things in pair in the love corner of your room/flat/house. Two candles, two mandarin ducks,,, you get the picture. And display artworks, which move you emotionally the right way.

The Cellist by Eva Maria Hunt


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