My artist story

Art is my passion that I was drawn to, as a teenager. I haven’t actually acted upon this calling for more than two decades, until I was 39, when I started drawing as a hobby, and 6 years later I was selling my art products to my clients.

Through my artworks I evoke the emotions of the viewers and help their soul to remember…

“As I looked at one of Eva’s healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page… I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes and my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before. I asked Eva the meaning of the piece… it was something very relevant to me. Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work and as I looked at it I was able to receive it. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work.” Lesley Beattie

My original profession is commercial economist, I have a university degree in this field. It is as far away from being an artist and energy therapist, as my native country Hungary from my adopted one, the UK.

As a self-taught artist I began my artist journey with “drawing my emotions”, expressing them with shapes and colours, using art as an outlet and stress release tool. It was only a hobby until 2016, when I realised how my art moves people emotionally. Since then I have experimented with different styles of drawing and painting, until I have found my own.

Before I left Hungary in 2005, I ran a print studio, as a family business for 8 years, where I have used my applied design skills, and got proficient using different software to create digital art.

When moving to the UK I became a static web designer.

A mental illness forced me to rethink my life and led me to the holistic healing arena. I learnt colour therapy, which helped me to understand colours as energy vibrations, and an energy medicine that can be applied through art.

Art Ascent International Art Magazine, Distinguished Artist Awards


June 2020 Sensuality – Artist call: Sensuality

July 2019 The Light Within – Artist call: White

March 2019 Seeing through the Eyes of the Soul – Artist call Beauty

July 2020, The love within, Collaboration with Jovanna Bar poet @artincoexistence

My techniques and Materials

Acrylic on canvas. I apply the colours not only with brushes, but sometimes using my fingers, sponges, pieces of textiles, until I achieve the right expression on the canvas.

Soft pastel on paper. I love working with soft pastels, because it is easy to mix the colours and create interesting effects. Again as a “hands on artist” I use my fingers to mix the colours.

Digital Art. Sometimes I create it from scratch, other times I draw my idea with soft pastels and then scan the artwork and finish it digitally, adding light effects, and bringing together different drawings and paintings, almost like a collage.

My favourite artists

  • Wassily Kandinsky, Russian artist (1866-1944), pioneer of abstract art
  • Gustav Klimt, Austrian artist (1862-1918), symbolist (romanticism and impressionism)
  • Claude Monet, French artist ( 1840-1926), impressionist .

My Book

I wrote a book: Vibrational Healing with Colours & Angel Art in 2016, which includes 21 of my angel art paintings. It has been featured in the American Law of Attraction Magazine & LOA Radio Network, USA in 2016.

Since then art has transitioned in my world from being one of the healing tools I offer to my clients to my passion. So I divide my time between creating art and carrying on with my holistic art services.

Global Art Project for Peace

As a participating artist in the Global Art Project for Peace I help creating world peace through art.