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As an artist and energy healer I help men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough. I also introduce spiritual concepts and global issues in a visual, more approachable way through expressive, spiritual, figurative art to create a more loving world. 

I am all in for balancing the masculine and feminine energies inside of each one of us and equity between the genders. The world will be a much better place, when more people will understand women do not need to be so harsh on themselves and hide away their beautiful intuitive side and their gorgeous, sensitive nature to fit in with society’s expectations. And men also will be accepted when they are softer and more gentle than the rest.

I am fascinated by the interplay of Masculine and Feminine energies not only between man and woman, but also showing these opposing forces both in the individual and at large in society and in the Universe. 

I also channel information in the form of artworks from the Angelic Realms. I make abstract paintings about nature and I create digital art, where I play with colours.

Depending on the subject I am working on, my style is a mixture of expressionism, figurative art, symbolism and abstract art. My art is all about bright colours, movement and fluidity. I use art in different ways, for different purposes.

Art Gifts & Art Services

Art Gifts – Prints on Everyday Items, Posters, Framed Artworks, etc.

My abstract artworks are featured on everyday items, like phone cases, bags, yoga mats… even furniture. They are available to buy from my Society6 Shop.

Posters on ETSY 

All types of my artworks in the form of posters from small to large, glossy or lustre print. ETSY EvaMariaHuntArt

Original Artworks on Saatchi Art

original artworks inspired by the masculine and feminine energies. Also available as canvas prints and fine art prints. Saatchi Art

Original Artworks on ArtGallery.co.uk

Original artworks inspired by nature. ArtGallery.co.uk

I Art My Life WORKSHOPS – that Change Your Perception & Set You Free

I currently run art workshops to break through perfectionism and feel enough. With the words of Salvador Dali: “Have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it.”

.This workshop is fun and you learn transferable skills for healing transformation.
  • I will guide you through a process that helps to get you “into the zone”, to connect with your intuition.
  • You get to understand your own uniqueness and express it in your very own way.
  • Shift your value system and find confidence in learning to rely on your inner wisdom.

For more information, please click here. (You will be redirected to my therapy site: www.spiritual-wonders.com)

1 to 1 – Creative Sessions – for Healing Transformation

These sessions combine energy healing with art. I guide you through energetic pathways through visualisations and you write down and draw your findings. At the end we bring all your expressions together into a energy art of your own, that you can take home. The session itself is very helpful for:

    • developing self-awareness,
    • healing transformation 

They can be held in person or online. Duration approx: 2 hours

“Eva’s skills as an energy therapist are amazing. We worked through quite some blockages in a creative session which was not only fun to do, I also came away with my own beautiful and inspirational picture. The session has helped me find a good grounding and not only see my path but also walk on it with a clear vision towards my goals. Thank you Eva for your positive energy and for giving me space and guidance to explore my needs.” Anke, Germany

Holistic Colour Art Products and Services

Colours are often overlooked, but powerful energy sources. They can enable you to positively change your mood, mindset and your environment both at work and at home. When you do that, you feel good, because you are subconsciously raising the frequency of your  energy vibration, which at one point results in raising your level of consciousness. Find out more: About Eva | Portfolio | Colour Art Blog | Eva’s Book | Contact

I unite the energies of colours, with Law of Attraction principles and expresses the result through art. Her channelled paintings come with additional messages, which your subconscious can receive, simply looking at her art. In some occasions, she shares these messages with you in a form that your conscious mind can understand too. In her book, Vibrational healing with Colours and Angel Art, she does exactly that. Her paintings are full of light and healing energy frequencies.

“As I looked at one of Eva’s healing art I could feel the energy of it coming off the page… I found the tears started to prick the back of my eyes and my heart began to swell. I have never reacted to a piece of art in quite this way before. I asked Eva the meaning of the piece… it was something very relevant to me. Eva had somehow managed to incorporate a huge amount of healing energy into her work and as I looked at it I was able to receive it. A truly unique experience and testament to the power of her work.” Lesley Beattie

Contact Eva to order the artwork that aligns your energies for health, harmony and success. Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com or Text: 07905 806383


Your Personal Colours, Your Personal Artwork and Commissions

Your Personal Colour Energy Signature

Digital Art, high res. jpg 

To order or for more information, please click here.

Your name is not an accident. In every single letter there is energy encoded that reflects who you are. Every letter carries a different energy vibration, which can be seen through the help of colours. 

Your name is not the only thing that holds energies that can support you on your path. Your date, place and time of birth indicates your cosmic colours. And there is your key colour, which can also be worked out from your date of birth. This is the energy frequency, the colour, you dominantly have in the symphony of the spheres. 

I have incorporated all of this information in this very special energy signature digital artwork.

“This artwork is amazing. I love the energy radiating off my own colour energy signature. I have chosen the circles out of the 3 designs were on offer, as I love flowing, curvy, smooth lines. Although initially I had a dilemma, because the squares are really grounding, and they give a very different experience. I printed it out the digital file that I have received, on a Glossy photo paper, framed it and put it on my office wall to use it not only as an elegant artwork, but also as a source of positive energy and good vibes. It’s vibrant, yet soothing, strictly arranged, yet full of movement.” (Emily, UK)




Your Personal Colour Chart

for Inspiration & Support  – jpg

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This chart is brilliant to use as an “inspiration board”. The colour meaning lifts you up, the colour affirmation keeps you focused and the colours in your chart remind you of which colours to surround yourself with, so everything radiates supportive energies around you and towards you in your personal space.

It includes:

  1. Your key colour & its meaning – It shows your talents and can highlight areas you need to work on.
  2. Colour affirmation to shift your energies for the better
  3. The letters of your name also carry energies that can speak a lot about you.I show your colours in the chart for you.
  4. Your Cosmic Colours help restoring your basic energy patterns for better health on all levels: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. You can meditate with them or surround yourself with them.

Your Personal Colour Art – Original Painting

Acrylic on Canvas

To read more, please click here

To order: please email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com

This is a channelled artwork, acrylic on canvas, that is being created with all of your personal colours

  • name colours,
  • cosmic colours,
  • key colour

in a form that is pleasing to you (tree, angel, heart, Lotus flower, etc.)

This artwork comes with a full colour reading.

“When I looked at my Personal Art my first thought was “It’s me!”. And of course this was the aim. It still surprised me how well it works. My picture is constantly changing, it makes me relaxed and energised at the same time. Every time I look at it I discover something new in it.“ Gyorgy Hargitay

Inspiring Bespoke Art Commissions

Commission for JDM

Through my commissioned artworks I help men and women dare to celebrate their unique gifts and feel enough.

Get in touch to have yours done!

Email: eva.maria.hunt@gmail.com or Text: 07905 806383.


Eva’s Book

My book “Vibrational Healing with Colours and Angel Art” is a fun and easy to use energy tool, focusing on helping you to connect with your soul, developing your intuition through the energy of colours and her channelled paintings, whilst feeding your logical mind too through simple explanations and some of the Law of Attraction’s proven recipes.

By using my book frequently, you can build self-trust, self-confidence, emotional balance and receive guidance from within and from above to lead a rewarding and happy life and create “by design” rather than “by default” for less than a price of an Energy Healing Session. More


Colours have been used for thousands of years for their psychological & healing properties.

They are part of Vibrational Medicine. I am a certified colour therapist, with a mission to spread the word about how colours affect your Mind, Body and Soul, and teach you how to use colours in your daily life and in your environment to your advantage. So you can

set your Mood, Space & Mind for Health, Joy and Success. 

“Different colours represent differing energies of the field of relativity. Colours are a universal language and each human relates quickly to each other through colours. Colours reach a direct response from our brain circuits.” (Albert Einstein

Read more about colours on my blog


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